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2017 Staff Interviews

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Theresa Spadola

Nickname: Uncle T

Group: The Cliff Hangers

Hometown: Randolph, NJ

Position: Counselor for the Junior Girls

Favorite Activities: Powder Puff, Dance, and all of the tournaments

When not at camp: I just graduated from college, so right now I'm just looking for new oppurtunities!

What is your spirit animal? A chicken wing, preferably fried and lathered in BBQ sauce...

If you could take the camp on a field trip where would you go and why? I would take the camp to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I want to make sure that these kids know that music didn't start with "Despacito". I also think that they would have a great time on the lake. 

If you could create your own sport, like RobLouJen, what would it be? It would probably something that would have to do with diving, swimming, and baseball. You would have to run off a diving board and hit a target with a ball and then quickly swim back. It would be called The Fighting Scot because that's my diving team's name and we play a game similar to that.