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2017 Staff Interviews

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Taylor Kirk

Nickname: Jandles, TayTay

Group: Rock Kid Roomies

Hometown: Gisborne, New Zealand

Position: Counselor for the Freshman boys

Favorite Activities: Gymnastics, Yoga, Longboarding, Ultimate, Soccer

When not at camp: I surf and skate a lot. I also love music and play the drums. I travel and go on adventures often as well.

What's your favorite part about working at camp? I love having a bunkgroup that's like a family to me. We get to share so many memories and experiences together, so that's definitely a highlight about working at camp for me. Also just being with the campers and having fun is awesome. Whether that's just chilling in the dorm or having waterballoon fights, watching talent shows, or out trying out new activities with them it's all part of having a little family and making memories together.

If you could take the camp on a field trip where would you go and why? I'd take the camp to New Zealand primarily because I want to show them how amazing the country is. We're a small, sort of isolated country, but it's so beautiful. I think people there take it for granted that we get to live in such an amazing place, so it would be cool to see the campers react to New Zealand. There's always something so nice about visiting a new place and I think it would be sick to experience that with camp.

What was the best adventure you've ever been on? The best was definitely the Topdeck Tour I went on a little while ago with 30 other people my age from all around the world. We visited 18 countries in 34 days. We got to go to Paris and see the Eiffe; Tower. We also got to go to Switzerland and chill in the snow, and even zip line. I think my favorite part was going to Croatia though because there's so much history there and it's just a perfect place. We went snorkeling and kayaking during the most amazing sunset over the water.