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2017 Staff Interviews

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Sarah Herpst

Nickname: Sraaahhh

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Mahwah, NJ

Position: Team B Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: Longboarding, Golf Skills, Siege Craft, and Underwater Basket Weaving

When not at camp: I'm going to be a senior at Mahwah High School. I'm on the golf team, I'm on Mock Trial, and I write for the school newspaper. In the winter I'm a ski instructor at Campgaw Mountain.

If you were stranded on a desert island (but had all of the essential survival items) what three things would you bring and why? I would probably bring a kayak for fun. I would bring some cheese-its because I love them. Lastly I would bring Campus Kids sunglasses for some protection against the sun and a Campus Kids waterproof case because it's the perfect oppurtunity to finally use it.

If you could be one of the seven dwarves, which one would you be and why? I would be sleepy because he's the best one! It would also mean that it's acceptable for me to sleep all the time.

If you could take the camp on a field trip where would you go and why? I would take them somewhere where it's cold and go skiing because I think it would be cool if the camp could ski. We could have snowball volleyball instead of waterballoon volleyball, and essentially have camp, but in the cold and it would be so much fun!