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Campus Kids Summer Camp
2017 Staff Interviews

Sam Schrage

Nickname: SammyWammy

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Position: Team A Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: Ultimate, Disc Golf, RobLouJen, Jogging

When not at camp: I go to Millburn High School and I run cross country, winter track, and spring track. My favorite event to run is the 5K in cross country.

Sam, you're an avid runner as many of us know, has camp contributed to your passion for running? Yes, camp absolutely helped to increase my passion for running because as a camper I was able to sign up for jogging whenever it was offered. During jogging I chose whether I wanted to do a distance run or a regular track workout. The counselors showed me new workouts, including one on the bleachers that really helped me with my hills training. On days that it wasn't offered counselors let me run laps around the bowl during shade, which was awesome.

Do you have any funny Staffie experiences you would like to share? So, it was the first morning of camp and another staffie, Rachel, and I had to fill up the water jugs. However, we didn't have the spigot key to turn the water on! We scoured Annie looking for the key, but we couldn't find it anywhere. Then we found a tool box and decided it was time to improvise. We figured out that one of the wrenches turned on the water, but in all the excitement we weren't able to turn off the water and we got drenched! We finally were able to figure it out with some help, but it was a really funny way to start the summer.

What's your favorite camp meal? My favorite camp meal would have to be the tacos. The tacos are so good. I hope we have tacos for lunch.