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2017 Staff Interviews

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Ryan King

Nickname: Woody

Group: The Crater Crew

From: Bridgewater, NJ

Position: Counselor for Senior Boys

Favorite Activities: Anything involving the pool, and also some arts activities like drawing, painting, and comic strip.

When not at camp: I go to school at Boston University where I'm getting my masters in computer science. I also do a lot of research for the school and I tutor kids at a company that teaches younger kids how to code. Oh, also I'm an apprentice to a clown..."Jenny The Juggler" look it up.

How did you become an apprentice to a clown? I wanted to learn to juggle, mostly for camp reasons actually. I really enjoyed it and so I looked up people to teach me. I found Jenny and we ended up working really well together. She asked me to help her out and along the way said she would teach me. I work at birthday parties with her sometimes.

If you ruled your own country what would it be called and what are some rules you would implement? The name would be King's Dominion. The rules would be stated as the following: Saturday's are for the boys, no whining, and people must use their turn signals when driving.

Do you have any hidden talents? I don't think I have any obvious talents to be fair. I'm exceedingly good at splitting up checks and I can fill out paperwork really quickly!

Describe camp in three words. Delightfully-exhausting, humbling, dream-like