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2017 Staff Interviews

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Rae Dawson

Group: The Dead Sea Divas

Hometown: Stewartsville, NJ

Position: Counselor for the senior girls

Favorite Activities: Does lunch count? If not, then gaga, sardines, and acting skills

When not at camp: I'm usually in New York on set for some type of film thing, or somewhere in New Jersey writing for some film thing. I study film at NYU, which I love.

If you could take the camp on a field trip where would you go and why? I would probably take the camp to a film festival. It's interesting to me to see the different things people make and understand how they make them. I think the kids would learn a lot and it would be pretty cool.

If you could be any Disney character what would it be? I would be Nani, the older sister from Lilo and Stitch. She's a very independent character and she knows what she wants and gets it. She doesn't let anyone walk over her, and she loves her sister and Stitch a lot.

What are some cool experiences you've had while filming something? There was one short film that I worked on that was an adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin, which was was cool to see. There was another short film that was a horror and I did the sound design for it. Sound design is when you go into the studio and bring actors in for voice overs. You also get to create sounds like footsteps and door creaks for the movie. For example, when I had to make the sound of a dog barking, I had to hit two objects together until the noise that is produced is just right. It's funny watching movies now because I know what all the noises I'm hearing actually are.