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2017 Staff Interviews

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Rachel Jacob

Nickname: Raquel

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: New York City

Position: Team A Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: Volleyball, Zumba, Waterballoon Volleyball, PowderPuff

When not at camp: I'm a highschool student at American Studies where I play softball and I dance every week! In school, I really like history and chemistry.

What's your favorite thing about working at camp, as this is your first year on staff? My favorite part about working at camp is being able to come to camp everyday! I was a camper last year, so it's awesome to make life fun for the new campers now. Even though the staff assistants are always busy, sometimes I don't feel like I'm "working" because just being at camp is so fun.

What's your favorite memory from camp? My favorite camp memory would be performing our "Duper Song" as campers last year during the week 6 talent show. The song was to Drops of Jupiter by Train. It was really special because it took a lot of planning and it was sort of stressful trying to get all of the lyrics ready, but as soon as we started singing it we knew all of the hard work had paid off.

If you could be one historical figure who would it be and why? I'd be Queen Elizabeth I because she united an entire country and she was a girl and that's awesome because girl power.