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2017 Staff Interviews

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Patrick Mcilroy

Nickname: Pat

Group: Paradise Fall Out Boys

Hometown: Darley, UK

Position: Counselor for the Junior Boys

Favorite Activities: Fitness!

When not at camp:  I hang out with my mates and I really like music a lot (hip hop is my favorite genre). I also like to draw, as I do work with graphic design.

What's your favorite part about working at camp? My absolute favorite part is just having fun and joking around with the campers especially with my bunk group. It's refreshing to always be positive and be around smiling people. I really like teaching fitness as well. There is often a misconception that lifting heavy weights is the best way to bulk up and get fit, but it means nothing if you don't have the right form. Being able to teach kids the right form is quite rewarding.

What was the best vacation you've ever been on?  The best vacation I ever went on was when I went to Amsterdam, it's a really nice city. The streets are really busy, but the traffic flows so smoothly it's crazy. The people there were all extremely courteous and kind and the architecture is cool. There was one day that my mates and I hung out in the park, it was really hot and everyone was just chilling. It was super calm and the day itself just had a nice vibe.

What's your favorite camp meal? My favorite camp meal is the tacos- I love Mexican food!

What's your favorite spot on campus? It would have to be the bowl because it's an open space right in the middle of camp. It's our camp meeting area and it's so nice when everyone is hanging around there and when we're all together at announcements or changeover.