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2017 Staff Interviews

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Nick Nagel

 Group: The Rock Kid Roomies

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Position: Counselor for the Freshman Boys

Favorite Activities: Anything that involves frisbees...and singing

When not at camp: I'm a health and physical education major at my local college at home and I work year round with kids playing sports.

How'd you get into playing ultimate and what's your favorite part about working at camp? My high school had an ultimate team, but I only played occasionally because I was super commited to playing soccer and volleyball. Then college came around and the team there convinced me to play. The team was really good, so I felt like I had to be really good and I practiced and started playing a lot. My favorite part about teaching campers ultimate at camp is seeing how happy they get when they realize they have the potential to do all the things they want to do. A lot of times kids will come in and ask me how I can throw that far or throw forehand, and by the end of the first week they're throwing flicks and launching the's really cool to see. I also like seeing the counselors who've never picked up a frisbee before get good by the end of the summer because we love ultimate at CK.

If you were stranded on a desert island (but had all of the essential survival items) what three things would you bring and why? First, I would have to bring a frisbee so that I can practice, even though I'm stranded on an island (I've learned to throw to myself). Next...Can I bring Campus Kids with me?...*Yeah*...ok so then of course Campus Kids. And then lastly a microphone because I have a lovely voice. It wakes up the animals around me when I walk outside, but only a few have witnessed it.

What's your dream job? I would love to be an elementary school physical education teacher. It's exactly like camp, but you're doing it year round and you get to emphasize health and well-being, which are two things I'm passionate about.