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2017 Staff Interviews

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Max Kevelson

Nickname: Maxie 2

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ

Position: Team B Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: Gaga, Archery, and Guitar

When not at camp: I swim a lot and normally hang out with my friends outside. In school my favorite subjects are science and math. I'm part of the technology club where we do a lot of robotics and computer things. I also read A LOT.

What's one of your proudest achievements? One of my proudest achievements would have to be when I finished writing my first short story, which I will probably be publishing online in the near future. It took almost a year to finish. The whole thing is about time travel, as it's a sci-fi story. You need to know about science to understand it though, so I needed to do a lot of research into physics and properties of various metals.

What was the best vacation you've ever been on? A year ago my family and I went to Mexico. I got to try a bunch of new things like scuba diving and parasailing. We dove near a coral reef so we saw a lot of different plant life and exotic species, which was awesome.

If you were a fictional character who would you be? I'd probably be Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory because I know a lot of obscure facts and I really like science and sci-fi type things. It's one of my favorite shows of all times too, so that's another reason.