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2017 Staff Interviews

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Matt Cusack

Nickname: Matt, Cutesack

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Position: Team A Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: RobLouJen, Ultimate, Gaga

When not at camp: I'm a student at Bronx Science High School where I'm on varsity fencing. In school my favorite subject is science, especially biology. I love walking around the city with my friends and hanging in Central Park.

If you could create your own sport, like RobLouJen, what would it be? My sport would be called MattBall and it would be like kickball, but with only two bases (and a home plate). The goal of the game is to run around home plate as many times as possible. Once you kick the ball you just keep running until you get out. If you get out you go back in the kicker line. MattBall is special because it's a new take on kickball that adds a new dimension to an overplayed sport. 

What do you find to be special about living in NYC? I really love living in the city because I like how everything is within walking distance, and if for some reason it isn't, there's always public transportation available. It's awesome because I can go see my friends anytime. I also like exploring new areas. One time my friends and I went to Chinatown and we went around all the novelty shops and had some awesome food. It was a good day.

If you were stranded on a desert island (but had all of the essential survival items) what three things would you bring and why? The first thing I would bring would be a friend so I would have someone to talk to because I get lonely and wouldn't know what to do without someone else there. The next thing I would bring would be a good book because that can occupy a lot of time and then when I'm done reading it we can use it for other things like fire kindling or tissues. Lastly, I would bring a swiss army knife because that has a lot of different uses.