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2017 Staff Interviews

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Lynda Beck

Nickname: Trixie

Hometown: Austin, Texas (I also have a house in Mexio!)

Position: Co-Camp Nurse!

Favorite Activities: Swimming

When not at camp: I travel all over.

What's the best adventure you've ever been on? I think I have two. The first one was when I lived in Germany for two years. *Oh, that's cool what'd you do there?* ...If I told you I'd have to kill you haha! My other favorite adventure was when I went to Barcelona for three months after I retired. I visited tons of museums and walked around.

Do you have any hidden talents? I like story telling to large groups. I'm also pretty musical. I play the organ, the piano, and the kazoo. I also really enjoy singing old folk music. I can NOT dance though!

Did you have any camp experiences growing up? I went to 4H camp, which was actually here in Sussex county. When I went to camp I loved getting up early in the morning and getting in the lake. My favorite part was canoeing though. When I was old enough I was a lifeguard and water safety instructor for about 35 years at various camps.

Rumor has it this summer has been named the "Summer of Lynda"...what are your thoughts on this? I'm flattered! It's nice to meet new people and it's always so fun to be at camp. During the year I don't get to see a lot of young people, so it makes me feel better when I'm around a bunch of smart people. I learn a lot.