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2017 Staff Interviews

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Lindsey Conrad

Group: Don't Go Chasing WaterGalz

Hometown: Originally from Livingston, but moved to Augusta, Georgia (I just don't have the accent)

Position: Counselor for the Duper Girls

Favorite Activities: All the performing arts ones!

When not at camp: I'm a student at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy where I study Musical Theatre, but I'm planning on transferring to The New School to study musical theatre and psychology.

What has been the best show you've ever participated in? My school show choir did a Michael Jackson medley concert. I first and second soprano chair in school and so I was always practicing. My teacher picked out the music and he was so awesome, so I would just help to get everyone focused. The concert was amazing...(Fun Fact: It's on YouTube!!)

What's your favorite part about working at camp? My favorite part about working at camp is being able to be a bus counselor. It's like having a little family with me! But then I also love teaching kids about the things that I love to do- like acting and basically anything in the theatre. I'm so happy that I get to have both a bunk group and also be a teacher here because I really wanted the duality. Camp has also helped me chill out a bit because school is super stressful. I'm learning to embrace mistakes and relax a bit because everything can be a learning experience.

 If you could be any Disney character who would it be? First off, I love Disney- all Disney movies will be on Broadway one day. If I could be a Disney character I would love to be Belle. I think everybody thinks Beauty and the Beast is about Belle being intelligent and that she's the "smart princess", but I think while that's true, she is smart, she's so much more than that! Belle is a dreamer and she appreciates everything around her, which is awesome because it's okay to just dream sometimes and not be 100% logical.