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2017 Staff Interviews

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Leon Zussner

Nickname: Zussi

Group: Redwood Ramblers

Hometown: Austria

Position: Counselor for the Sophomore Boys

Favorite Activities: Swim Instruction!

When not at camp: I like to meet up with my friends and go for dinner. (Fun Fact: My favorite food is called weinerschnitzel!)

What's been your favorite camp memory so far? My favorite camp moments are when I get to play chess with the campers; they're honestly so good. Another good memory is when we played sardines at the counselor orientation in the field house. We hid up by the canteen, but we were hiding there for 15 minutes before the other counselors found us and it was really fun.

If you could live in another country where would it be and why? I'd probably live in Italy. I really like the food, the people, and the architecture there. It is a country that has a lot of great history. The food culture, again, is so good. There are many great places to visit as well! My favorite Italian word is Madonna, which is an exclamation for "oh darn!".

What's your dream job? I'd love to either own my own firm or be a pilot. I think being a pilot and going to pilot school would be awesome. You can travel everywhere, even if it is just for an hour or two at a time. I'm really fascinated by transportation, and also I weirdly find turbulance very calming!