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2017 Staff Interviews

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Kez Hussain

Group: DeathValley Dupers

Hometown: Leeds, England

Position: Counselor for the Duper Boys

Favorite Activities: Soccer and Jogging

When not at camp:  I'm from Leeds originally, but I've moced to Liverpool to study there. I currently study physical education.

Legend has it that you're great at running and at playing football (soccer). How'd you get into playing these sports and why do you like them so much? So I never realized I was a very good runner until one day during soccer when I noticed that I wouldn't get as winded as the other kids on my team. I actually enjoyed running a couple miles a morning, so I ran cross country for my school team. It's something that I love and keeps me stress free. When I was in my best shape I ran 5 miles in 36 minutes during a race. Soccer is a sport that I've always played. I represented my local region back home when I was younger, so my parents would always take me to practice. I fell in love with the sport, so I would (and still do) constantly be playing.

What was the best vacation you've ever been on?  It's 100% been this one. It's my first time in America, and the oppurtunity to come out here and teach has been unbelievable. It gives me a chance to pass on some of the knowlege that I've gained over the years, but also learn new skills at the same time. I don't play sports like volleyball, gaga, RobLouJen, or American football back home and so it's fun to be with the campers on those activities and have them teach me new things as well!

What's celebrity would you most want to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee? I would have to say Jennifer Lopez. I think she's a really talented musician and we would have a fun conversation. .