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2017 Staff Interviews

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Julia Adelman

Nickname: Ju^3 (Ju Cubed)

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Position: Team B Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: Soccer, Guitar, Painting

When not at camp: I'm a student at Bronx Science High School. At school I play on varsity soccer, I'm on the debate team, and I play percussian in the orchestra.

If you won the lottery, what are four things that you would do with the money? I would donate some to WWF, which stands for World Wildlife Fund and it's an organization that saves endangered animals. I would also buy a new apartment in the city for my parents. A third thing I would do would be taking a vacation with my family to Italy. It's something I've always wanted to do and my mom's family is from Italy, so I think it would be so much fun. A last thing I would do would be buying myself a car. I don't even care what type it is, I just really want a car.

If you ruled your own country what would it be called and what are some rules you would implement? It would be called Adelmania. I would try to make it as fair as possible. There would be total equality amongst the people, and there would be equal opportunity in terms of jobs. health care and good education!

If you were any of the seven dwarves which one would you be? I would be happy because I try to always look on the bright side of things and keep a positive outlook on life to the best of my ability.