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2017 Staff Interviews

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Jordan Glass

Nickname: J-Man

Hometown: Monroe, NY

 Position: Head Counselor for the Older Boys and Co-Performing Arts Coordinator

Favorite Activities: Chess and Gymnastics

When not at camp: When I'm not at camp I attend Binghamton University. I am the president of the chess club there and I study computer science, but a may switch majors.

What's your favorite bunk meeting? I like when all the campers tell the counselors their favorite song and then the counselors create a playlist. Everyone then goes around and guesses who's song belongs to who.

Do you have any family traditions? During Thanksgiving I usually go and stay in the city with my family at the Waldorf or Kimberly Hotel in Midtown. Then we go out for Thanksgiving dinner in NYC.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? I would control time. I would be able to freeze it, or go back and forward in time. I think I would go back to ancient Greece if I could and see where modern civilization first started.