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2017 Staff Interviews

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John Kirk

Nickname: Captain Kirk, John The Rock

Group: The Crater Crew

Hometown: South Orange, NJ

Position: Counselor for the Tweener Boys

Favorite Activities: Honestly there isn't one that I don't enjoy doing, but my favorites are probably fencing, archery, guitar, ukulele, gaga, and ultimate.

When not at camp: I play a lot of music and try to excercise and go on runs. I like going to movies with friends and I go to school at St. John's University in Jamaica Queens. (Fun Fact: My school used to be a golf course!)

How did you start fencing and is there anything special about doing it at camp as opposed to competitively? I started fencing in 5th grade when I saw an ad for it on a flyer. At the time I was absolutely obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean, so my original passion for fencing started because I wanted to be Captain Jack Sparrow. Now, after having fenced for so long I've realized that I really enjoy it because of the individuality that comes along with the sport. There are definitely team aspects involved in fencing, but it's so special because you control how things go in the bout. It's stylistic and there is a lot of accountability. At camp, I love teaching kids about that aspect of fencing. I like when they are able to explore their individuality through fencing because there's no one right way to fence. I can teach them the basics, but then they can go off and do what they want with that information, which is awesome!

If your life were a TV show what would it be and why? My life would definitely be Spongebob because I'm a goofy goober!!! I would probably be Patrick if I were a character because I'm always eating and sleeping.

If you won the lottery, what are three things that you would do with the money? Realistically the first thing I would do would be setting myself up with a recording studio. I love making music, so that would be awesome. I would then definitely put a lot of the money into school systems because there are so many unfunded schools and that really erks me because schools are so important. Lastly, with whatever is left I would most likely invest it. I'm really bad at spending money, so I would throw it into other things and hope that other people can deal with it better than I can.