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2017 Staff Interviews

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Jane Frankel

Nickname: Janay

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Position: Team J Staff Assistant (self-titled)

Favorite Activities: Siege Craft, Squash, Oragami, Soccer, Ultimate, Disc Golf

When not at camp: I'm going to be a senior at Horace Mann School. At school I play on varsity soccer, basketball, and softball! I also lead the spirit club at school, Maroon Monsoon, so I make school shirts and host pep ralleys, which I love.

Why'd you come back for a second year as a staff assistant? I honestly ended up coming back for a second year because I didn't want to be away from camp! It was a bit of a tricky decision because I had a great summer last year on Team A and it was scary to think about coming in with new people. Luckily, I definitely made the right decision. I've loved doing my new job, that I've self-titled Team J, working on the Sundial and interviewing staff members for the website. We're only just beginning week 3 and I can tell that this summer's going to be one of the best yet. 

If you could create your own parade, the "Jane Parade", what type of music, decorations, and activities would be involved? Let's just say, the Jane Parade would be the party of the year. It would be exclusively for Campus Kids. This includes current and former campers and staff. We would start right in the middle of the bowl with a ginormous dance party to the song "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada (one of my favorites). Then, Cara (Carebear) and the 2017 staff assistants would lead the parade with flags while everyone else played music and we would parade around Blairstown. It would end back in the bowl, but by that time, magically, there would be a giant festival set up with bouncy castles, a stage, cotton candy, and all that fun stuff. The night would end with with a giant sing-along to "American Pie", a camp classic, and it would just be amazing.

If you were one of the seven dwarves which one would you be and why? Although I would love to be Doc, because he rocks, I would most likely be Dopey. I've tripped over my own feet while walking across a flat surface too many times to count. I also have a weird habit where I don't pay any attention to where I'm stepping when I walk down or up stairs, so I end up mis-judging how many stairs there are left and it most commonly ends up in me tumbling down the stairs. On the last day of school this year I fell in front of a whole crowd of kids because I thought I was on the last step and casually walked off as if there was no stair, but there was absolutely a stair there. It's okay though, I'm good at laughing at myself.