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2017 Staff Interviews

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Izzy Piper

Hometown: A town about an hour noth of London

Group: Mt. Everbesties

Position: Counselor for the Freshman Girls

Favorite Activities: Squash and Zumba (even though I just did it for my first time recently)

When not at camp: I play a lot of squash. I like to hang out with my friends and spend time with my family. At night I'll usually be baking or watching a movie.

Why did you choose to come to Campus Kids? I really enjoy woking with children and I wanted to come to America. I've never been to the East coast before. I think I honestly just wanted a new experience to grow as a person, but also have a good time doing it.

How did you get into playing squash? My dad played and he got my brother and I into it when we were really young. I've loved it and haven't stopped playing since.

What's your spirit animal? I feel like I'd probably be a deer. I'm quite gentle and I think it'd be quite peaceful and happy being a deer.