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2017 Staff Interviews

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Isabela Medina

Hometown: Torreon, Mexico

Group: The Fujimamas

Position: Counselor for the Super girls

Favorite Activities: Swim Instruction and RobLouJen

When not at camp: I'm going to school for clinical psychology, and I have one year to go. I like boxing and reading a lot as well. 

How'd you get into boxing? It was weird actually. I've been doing it for 2 years, and I started really randomly. I was looking for something to do because I was kind of bored and just floating around. I wanted to pick up a new sport but the swimming club was too expensive. I went to the boxing club with my friends and, even though they ended up not liking it, I loved it and have been doing it ever since!

What's your favorite camp meal? I'm going to say the Chinese food- lo mein, chicken and broccoli, all of that is so good.

What has been the best vacation you've ever been on? That's an easy one. My trip to New Orleans with my family. I loved the vibe of New Orleans so much. There is so much history and the jazz music is awesome. The African American Rights movement in particular interests me a lot and NOLA was a pivotal place for that, so I had a great time exploring.

What does your dream home look like? It would be rustic style- my grandma left me a bunch of ornaments and paintings and I'd like to use them. I would also like a big yard and a nice pool. Oh and of course a private movie theater in my house, that would be awesome.