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2017 Staff Interviews

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Gabi DeCastro

Nickname: GabGab, GabiGabiGabi

Group: The Natural Disasters

Hometown: Watchung, NJ

Position: Team A Staff Assistant

Favorite Activities: Ultimate, Set Design, Longboarding, Free Swim

When not at camp: I am going to be a junior at Watchung Hills Regional High School where I play ultimate frisbee. Outside of school I teach swimming to children anywhere from 3 months old to 12 years old. The babies are so cute!

What is your favorite camp memory? When I was a camper one of my favorite evening activities was Deal or No Deal. During my super year we were playing Deal or No Deal and my bunk group ended up winning the prize "Blade of Grass". All of my friends and I jumped up in excitement and we screamed and cheered because we won the worst prize on the board. It was so funny. It didn't matter what we won, we just loved playing the game all together. We got the blade of grass and put it in an extra key card holder and hung it up on the wall in our dorm. Someone actually kept the container and brought it to camp next summer. From there on out, everytime we played Deal or No Deal we didn't try winning the pizza party, we went for the blade of grass.

If you ruled your own country what would it be called and what are some rules you would implement? I would name my country Grassland, not to be confused with Greenland or Iceland. Our mascot would be a blade of grass. Honestly, the entire country would have to be made up of grass. By the age of 5 all the kids would be able to swim because the whole community would be swim instructors. Everyone would have different outdoor jobs, and there would be smaller communities within each job choice. The food would be farm-based. The farmers would grow food and share with everyone and we would all eat at the same time.

What celebrity would you most want to meet at Starbucks for a cup of coffee? I would want to grab a cup of coffee with Ben Platt. Ben Platt plays Evan in the musical Dear Evan Hansen, and he was also in Pitch Perfect. He has spoken about how he uses his own high school experiences to play the character he plays in the musical, which I think is really cool. He seems super honest and I think we would have a fun time together. He's also extremely accomplished for a 23 year old (he started on Broadway at 17!).