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2017 Staff Interviews

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Fran Goldsmid

Nickname: Francer

Hometown: A town in Southwest England

Group: The MalDivas

Position: Counselor for the Senior Girls

Favorite Activities: Chess and Drawing

When not at camp: I'm at university studying psychology. I like seeing my family and friends too.

Why did you want to be a counselor? I really like structure and schedule, so I enjoy that consistency. I also love working with kids in a less traditional way-unformal. I get to have actual conversations with them and get to know them on a personal level, not just artificial.

What's your favorite camp meal? The themed meals- like on 4th of July we had BBQ...I also like the Mexican fajitas

Did you go to camp as a kid? I went to an english version. It was a day "camp" and it was only one or two weeks, but it was loads of fun. We did a lot of sports activities, like here. There was also rock climbing, which was pretty awesome.

What does your dream home look like? It would probably be entirely white. I'd like to live in an apartment in a city somewhere, so it can be walking distance from a bunch of places. Right now I live near fields, so I definitely want to be around things. I would also love high ceilings and a balcony for fresh air.