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2017 Staff Interviews

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Andrew Fitzpatrick

Nickname: Fitz

Group: Bromuda Triangle

Hometown: Millburn, NJ

Position: Counselor and Co-Captain of the busses

Favorite Activities: Yoga, ceramics, and occasionally ultimate when "Sporty Fitz" comes out.

When not at camp: I'm a student at Tulane University in New Orleans where I'm the social chair of my fraternity. I'm studying to get a dual degree in psychology and sociology.

What's your favorite memory from camp either as a camper or as a counselor? When I was camper (my duper year) the whole division stood together in a circle and sang "Hey Jude" on Campstock. We all loved camp so much and it was a really special moment. We were singing along and there were lights shining in the background. It's a memory I'll never forget.

If you could create your own parade, the "Fitz Parade", what type of music, decorations, and activities would be involved?  It would definitely involve a mixture of top 40/EDM music. Everyone would be in neon colors and there would be strobe lights and lasers. The parade would involve a ton of dancing: from dance battles to discos...we'll have it all.

New Orleans is a very cultured place...What is one of your favorite things about NOLA? One of my favorite celebrations in New Orleans is definitely Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a festival that celebrates the heritage of New Orleans. It brings together people from different classes, races, and cutures. It reminds me a lot of camp because everyone is super happy just to be together! I get to spend the celebration with both my friends from Tulane and from my hometown, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much.