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2017 Staff Interviews

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Elias Da'Silva

Nickname: Ed, Da'Silva

Group: The Savannah Sisters

Hometown: Angola- though now I live in Scotland

Position: Counselor for the Junior Girls

Favorite Activities: Evening Activities!!

When not at camp: I study sports therapy in college and I sleep.

What's the most different thing about America? There are so many things, but the biggest is probably the tea. The tea here is so weak, it's not strong enough!

If you could create your own parade, "The Elias Parade", what type of music, decorations, and activities would be involved? One activity would have to be a giant waterfight. Then we would all dance and play musical statues. Musical statues is a game where everyone is dancing and then when the music stops you need to stand like a statue; if you move you're out! The music would be electric/hip hop/r&b/some pop. All the confetti would be really bright colors- red, orange, yellow, green!

If you could have one superpower what would it be? That's really unfair...JUST ONE?! *ok fine you can have two* Good. Strength would definitely be one because I'm not as strong as I'd like, and flying would be the other because I want to be able to go anywhere at anytime!

What's your dream job? I want to be an occupational therapist. I really want to help others get back to their functional selves because I love helping people.

Note: Elias' interview was done on twin day, and so was her twin's...can you spot the pair? *Hint* They're in the same division!