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2017 Staff Interviews

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David Bubb

Nickname: Danger Dave, Dave The Rave, DD, DayDay, Bubsy, Bubington

Group: The Sand Junior Dudes

Hometown: London, England

Position: Counselor for the Junior Boys

Favorite Activities: Drums, Soccer, Dodgeball, Guitar, RobLouJen

When not at camp: At home I just finished year 2 of studying music tech specialty at the University of West London. I learn about mixing songs, recording music, and setting up live music.

What's your favorite part about working at camp? Working at camp sort of feels like I'm a mix between a fun night guard and a teacher, which is pretty cool. My favorite part is definitely teaching instruments. At home I teach people of all ages how to play the guitar and drums, but teaching at camp is very different than teaching back home. At camp everyone wants to learn, but campers are also signing up to have a good time, so it's fun to be with them!

What's been the most surprising aspect about America? Well it's my first time ever being outside of Europe, so there's been a couple of things. I would say the thing that freaked me the most, though, was my birthday celebration. I think this is mostly a CK thing, but I was not expecting it at all. On my birthday, in the middle of dinner, Ross stood up and asked Jordan what day it was. Jordan responded to the question with a couple of random answers, and I was totally confused as to what was going on. Finally, Ross asked the question one last time and Jordan screamed, "It's David's Birthday!!". I was not expecting it at all. The whole camp ran to my table and surrounded me. Instead of singing everone screamed the happy birthday song. I was a little freaked, but it was awesome.

How did you get the nickname "Danger Dave"? I was on a trip for snow sports in France. I was skiing and I ended up on a slope in the middle of nowhere. It turns out I was on the complete opposite end of the mountain from where I should have been. There was a little town there and I used my phone to tell my group I was lost and I was on speaker phone so everyone heard. I found my way back, finally, and everyone just started to call me Danger Dave.