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2017 Staff Interviews

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Danielle DeGraw

Nickname: Dani, D-girl

Hometown: Hackettstown, NJ

Position: Head Counselor for the Komodo Islanders (Tweener Girls) and Co-Sports Coordinator

Favorite Activities: Gladiator, Squash, Gaga, Ultimate, and Gymnastics

When not at camp: I teach middle school physical education and health. I also coach field hockey, basketball, and softball.

Do you think working at camp and at a school have some overlaps? Yes, I have definitely taken so many of the things I've learned at camp and implemented them into my teaching job. There are differences, though, too. For starters, I get to be a lot more silly at camp than at school. Campus Kids is what made me realize that phys ed is what I wanted to do, though. It's taught me how to interact with kids and know what exactly is on their mind in various situations. I love being around kids and I think kids love being around me, and I realized that at camp! Everyday here I learn things that I will take back to school with me.

If you could invent your own camp sport, similar to RobLouJen, what would it be? It would be called DaniNation. It would have all of the obstacles of gladiator, except it wouldn't be gladiator because I don't like getting hit and then being out. It would have laser tag guns and have the rules of capture the flag. We would dig a giant hole under the field house and it would be played underground.

If you could create your own parade, The Dani Parade, what type of mysic, decorations, and activities would be involved? Well, music wise I would have Payphone by Maroon 5 playing on repeat. Everytime I hang out with my friends from high school we listen to that song, it brings back some great memories. There would be neon strobe lights, and tons upon tons of glow sticks. There would also be a lot of candy. Before the parade starts we would play ninja and kent, the card game.