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2017 Staff Interviews

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Charlotte Priestley

Hometown: A town about an hour noth of London

Group: The Venus Vixens

Position: Counselor for the Super girls

Favorite Activities: Swim Instruction, Ultimate, Gaga, Gymnastics, and Dodgeball

When not at camp: I work as a lifeguard and a swimming teacher. When I'm not woking I'm hanging out with my friends.

Why did you want to be a counselor? For starters, we don't have camp back in England so I thought it would be intersting to see what it's like. I also wanted to travel and come to America. I teach kids swimming back home, but teaching over here is so different. I get a completely new perspective and experience, which is cool.

Do you have any family traditions? Every Sunday my whole family and I have a big family meal. In England it's called a roast dinner. There's about 12 of us who sit around the table and eat together after work. We have roast potatoes, various meats, and loads of veggies. We also have Yorkshire puddings...they're insane. They basically consist of pancake mixture that you put in the oven to make a little cake. Again, it's so good.

What does your dream home look like? It'd have to have a pool with lights so that I can swim at night. Also, there would be a massive balcony so that I can wake up and walk outside right away. I want a walk in wardrobe...because what girls doesn't? And there would be a lot of bedrooms because I have a huge family. Oh also, I want a lot of big dogs, so they would need a place to stay too.