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2017 Staff Interviews

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Carly Englander

Nickname: Carlita, iCarly

Group: The Babes of Fundi

Hometown: North Haledon, NJ

Position: Counselor for the Duper Girls

Favorite Activities: Ceramics, Set Design, Arts and Crafts

When not at camp: I go to school at TCNJ where I study fine art. I go to museums a lot and I like to spend a lot of time in Philly and NYC.

What are three things you want to do before camp ends? The first thing would definitely be to make a difference in my camper's lives. I want to make sure that they walk away learning something new this summer. I also would like to try out some more sports because I'm inside a lot doing art (which I love), but I want to get outside and run around our awesome campus! And the last thing would probably be to be a better version of myself. Just like I said before, I want to teach the campers, but I also think I have a lot to learn from this experience!

What is your dream job? I want to be a famous artist...and I'm not kidding. I really like to do sculpture, installation, and performance art.

If you could steal credit for one piece of art what would it be and why?  Marina Abramovic did a piece at the MOMA in 2012 where she had the entire museum to herself...I would definitely love to take credit for that. The whole exhibition was an art piece itself. She performed for 3 months everyday. Her newest piece for that exhibit was one where she would just sit in a chair at a table and look at people as they walked by, sat next to her, or tried to distract her. I would love to have the oppurtunity to do something like that.

Fun Fact: I spent my 16th birthday in Italy and had the best lasagna I've ever eaten.