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2017 Staff Interviews

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Adam Henning

 Group: The Lava Lads

Hometown: Ireland!

Position: Counselor for the senior boys

Favorite Activities: Singing and Zumba...I love zumba.

When not at camp: I hang out with my friends and play a lot of piano.

Why Campus Kids? I honestly wanted to try something new. I wanted something that was a bit obscure and forced me to step out of comfort zone a little. I love having a camp routine everyday, it's probably my favorite part. The kids have the freedom to choose activities, but there is still an organized schedule and everyday is just so fun.

What's your dream job? To be honest I just want to be a performer of some sort because I'm fabulous of I'm kidding! It's because that's just what I love to do, and it will make me so happy.

If you could be and Disney character who would it be? Queen Elsa because everyone else is just a princess, but she's a queen. 

If you could steal credit for any song what would it be? Oh my gosh, Someone Like You by Adele in a second. No doubt.