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2017 Staff Interviews

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Abi Brennan

Nickname: Squail

Hometown: Morristown, NJ

Position: Office Manager

Favorite Activities: Gymnastics, Swim Instruction, Tie Dye, and Tennis

When not at camp: I spent this past year teaching, but this fall I'm going to be working on the business I started a few years ago.

Do you have any family traditions? This isn't really a tradition, but this past February I officiated my parents' wedding. I had to take an online class and pay money for my liscence, but it was very worth it. I can marry anyone I want now.

What does your dream home look like? It would require an area with minimal to no perches for birds to sit. I am terrified of birds and they're always outside of my window, it's the worst. Pretty much all I need is no birds, but I would also want a lot of natural light (and as little florescent light as possible). I guess that would be hard to have lots of windows and no birds though...I guess that's a dilemma I can't solve.

If you could create your own sport, like RobLouJen, what would it be? It would be called abiSQUAIL and it would be a mix of spud, waterballoon volleyball, and kitty pool kickball. It would have the rules of spud, but you would have to run to different kittpools and get in them. There would also be kids trying to hit you with waterballoons that they throw from towels and you would have to dodge the balloons.